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GTA3 game cheats for PC

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GTA3 Cheat Codes (PC)

Game GTA3
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GTA3 Hints (Advices and helps)

    • Hints (Advices and helps)
    • if you have just started the game and want to get to the next island without 
      having to do all the missions then just follow these steps: firstly get a fast 
      car(preferably a banshee from the garage next to eightballs, if not a mafia 
      sentinel will do the job) then go to the callaham bridge. there is a small gap 
      between the barrier and the wall so push the car through that. as soon as you are 
      through enter the flying car cheat(chittychittybb) then get loads of speed towards 
      the gap of the bridge. your car shoud go off the edge and keep on going. as soon as 
      you hit the ground type in the cheat again (this will disable the cheat and make it 
      easier to manouver the car) now you can either explore or go to the next island. 
      go to the next bridge and type in (once out of the car) giveusatank. a tank should now 
      fall from the skiy. get in it and turn the nozzle around so its behind you using numbers 
      4 and 5. now type in chittychittybb. head towards the gap in the bridge but keep shooting. 
      this will give you loads of speed so you should go speeding off the bridge onto the next re enter the cheat so you have more control with the car.and now youre here!!!!
      in order to make your car jump just type in corners like mad. then as your going along push 
      shift. this will make your car go whizzing into the air. this cheat will also stop all 
      vans/lorrys from toppling over. 
      also this cheat will give you really good brakes stopping you almost dead in your tracks!!!!!
      pause the game and type in bangbangbang loads of times. when you resume the game all the cars 
      around you will go shooting up so high into the air you wont be able to see them!!!!!!!!!!!
      ps make sure your not in a car when you do this!!!!!!!!!! 
      Submitted by stuart.crossman
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #2
    • In GTA3 if you want to get to the 3rd island fast fallow this. First fly over the first brige 
      with the cheat "Chittychittybb". Then on the second island there is a tunnel marked on your map 
      #25 or #26. Go in the tunnel and fallow the signs to the AIRPORT. When you get to the AIRPORT 
      your at the 3rd island. Now go to your hidout and save. The tunnel can take you anywhere but 
      the 1st island!
      Submitted by matt 
      did you know you can play the game without having to worry about all the car's getting in your 
      way, all you have to do is invoke the "giveusatank" cheat over and over in one spot until you 
      make a pile of tank's usually about 10 times or so, just make sure the pile completely block's 
      any street, then you can go on your way and you won't find one car on the road, it's pretty neat 
      when the cop's come after you because they don't have police cars, but they do chase you on foot, 
      it also help's if your computer's hardware is strained by all the extra car, this cheat helps it 
      run a little smoother. try it!
      Submitted by slang

GTA3 Cheat-codes

    • Cheat-codes
    • ype each code in while playing. After entering each code the message "Cheat Activated will appear". Codes can be entered multiple times except for the "giveusatank" code can only be activated four times
      Code:                    Effect: 
      chittychittybb           flying car
      gunsgunsguns             all weapons 
      ifiwerearichman          more money 
      gesundheit               full health 
      morepoliceplease         higher wanted level 
      nopoliceplease           lower wanted level 
      giveusatank              get the rhino tank 
      bangbangbang             destroy all cars 
      ilikedressingup          change outfit 
      itsallgoingmaaad         crazy people 
      nobodylikesme            all people hate you 
      weaponsforall            people fight each other 
      timeflieswhenyou         speed up time 
      boooooring               faster gameplay 
      turtoise                 full armor 
      skincancerforme          clear weather 
      ilikescotland            cloudy weather 
      ilovescotland            rainy weather 
      peasoup                  foggy weather 
      anicesetofwheels         invisible cars 
      cornerslikemad           improved car handling 
      madweather               faster game clock
      madweather               speeds up time

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